• One Way Anchor Vises for 8-11 Gauge Wire with Screws, Pack of 10

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    Works with 8 gauge, 9 gauge, 10 gauge and 11 gauge (0.12"~0.16") galvanized wire. Extremely easy to install and to tighten to prevent sagging.

  • Includes 20 #6 x 1" stainless steel pan head wood screws for use in wooden posts. The vises can be used with steel end posts as well
  • Perfect for use with wire trellises, arbors, pergolas, horse and small animal fencing, hanging outdoor fabrics and curtains, photo print drying and many other wire hanging applications
  • Used in home garden applications, farms, ranches, vineyards and zoos
  • Best method for hanging wire on trellis for rows 200 feet or less. Used with vine growing various fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers