• Replacing JT Eaton 902 Top Loader Bait Station for Mice & Rats, Pack of 2

    $30.00 $29.00

    This top loader bait station continues to feed rodents with the gravity feed system and can be strapped to tree branches, fences and support beams

  • Bait Station can be mounted anywhere mice and rats travel, tree branches, fences, beams. Indoor and Outdoor, Commercial or Residential Use
  • Will hold Bait Blocks such as 709-AP & 709-PN, or Liquid Bait holder 902WB
  • Product comes with bait holder rods, screws, plastic disk nuts, Hex Keys and Poison Labels, and Install Instructions. Baits NOT included
  • Dual entry allows rodents in from either side; can be mounted to structural beams, fence tops, on ground etc