• A2728, 70C 1/4HP Condenser Fan Motor, 1075 RPM, 1.8 AMP


    1/4HP AC Condenser Fan Motor, 1-speed at 1075 RPM, 208~230V, 1.8 AMP;

    Designed for 70 C degree / 158 F ambient temperature vs usual 60 C version. These motors use more material so that when the motor runs it generates less heat therefore won't trip in high temperature areas such as Arizona. 

    Capacitor (not included): 5 MFD/370V;

    Demo Installation Video, how to replace a Fan Motor


    Directly from Broad-Ocean, one of the top 3 leading HVAC motor manufacturers. You will find them on millions of HVAC units including Carrier, Goodman, Trane and other brands;

    If you are a distributor, please continue your normal channel to source Broad-Ocean motors. Thank you. This retail venue is for contractors, repair technicians, and do-it-yourselfers, who otherwise may not have been adequately served with Broad-Ocean motors;


    AOS Century FE1026SF, Emerson: 1860H, MARS 20728, GE/Genteq 3732HS, York Source 1: S1-FHM3728HT, Wagner: WG840728HT;


        All Angle, ball bearing

        Rheem mounting holes w/screws installed

        Trane 4.33 bolt circle mounting holes with self tapping screws

        Water slinger on shaft

        Thru-bolt or band mounting

        Capacitor requirement noted on motor label

        Extra set of nuts on mounting studs


        Class B insulation

        Single phase, 60 hertz

        70 C / 158 F

        Thermal overload protected

        Fan duty, continuous, air over

        Totally enclosed non-ventilated

        36 inch leads

        Reversible rotation